Alignment and Calibration Services

H&H can provide alignment and calibration services not only to H&H Machine tools but also to machines of other manufacturers.


Basic alignment of a machine includes:

  • Levelling of machine
  • Verification and adjustment of straightness
  • Verification and adjustment of squareness


H&H provides standard calibration to different standards:

  • ISO230-2
  • VDI/DGQ3441
  • ASME B5.54


Calibration Equipment

H&H has a wide range of Metrology equipment, calibrated and traceable to international standards including:

  • Laser Interferometer for axis positioning and repeatability tests
  • 3-Plane alignment laser for straightness and squareness measurement
  • Electronic levels wireless, with accuracy of 0.001mm/m
  • Renishaw wireless ballbar
  • Electronic autocollimator
  • Invar length bar
  • Test mandrels
  • Granite straight edges and squares


Volumetric Error Compensation

H&H has a many years experience in measuring and generating an error map for Volumetric Error compensation with verification.

If required, H&H can perform a basic alignment prior to any Volumetric Error Compensation.

H&H provides volumetric calibration to ISO230-6.